When I talk about 4-H (and I do A LOT) people have one of two responses.
First response is normally “Oh, I loved 4-H as a kid.” Second response is “What is 4-H?”
In Southeastern Ohio 4-H is a pretty common thing as it is in many rural communities. It’s where I learned the true meaning of hard work. If you are going to be successful in 4-H, you’d better be ready to work for it!
1. Hard Work
As the 2019 school year is coming to a close, many 4-H’ers already have their fair animal on their property and working hard. These kids have been having club meetings since the snow was still flying, choosing their projects and making plans. The kids in your 4-H group are your lifelong friends, your second family and sometimes that’s where you find your first crush! ?
As a youth and especially my teen years, our local fair was *THE* event of the summer – even though it also meant summer was coming to and end. You got to reconnect with friends you haven’t seen all summer (aka non 4-H’ers……lol), show off you tan and if you were lucky show off your new clothes.
2. Friends
My friends and I would spend weeks planning our outfits and our hair styles (remember, this was the 1980-something before social media), we’d plan out our stall decorations and make hand made signs to hang above our animal stalls. No, that’s not me from the 1980’s, but we all looked something like that. lol Can you smell the Aqua Net?
3. Community
When you are a 4-H member you and your 4-H group are required to give so many volunteer hours to your community. Our group chose to mow old grave yards. Not my choice, just FYI.  The work was hard, it was HOT and at times I *HATED* it, but now I look back at those days with fond memories. I still volunteer to this day and it’s all because of my 4-H roots.
Well, things have changed a bit since my day! The kids still work hard, the kids still learn a lot, still volunteer and stall decorations have become more professional!
BoardRoom46 has wood signs you can use year after year to decorate with. These go great above animal stalls, show boxes and are a great Thank You to whom ever purchases your animal at sale time.
Another great option is our Special insulated tumbler. We can etch these cups, which means they are dishwasher safe (your welcome…lol) and will last a long time. Give a gift that lasts!
We’ll be having kids workshops all summer long for the kids to make their signs and call us if you have questions about our tumblers or signs. Don’t forget we can paint them for you!

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