Ever thought that your imagination could do wonders for your health?

Today’s lifestyle significantly demands some fascinating ways to relegate stress. Why not bring out the hidden artist in yourself with a workshop at BoardRoom46?

Good way to relax

Painting can be therapeutic because it allows the mind to focus on what’s at hand and on nothing else.

Enhanced Creativity

Holding a paintbrush triggers your mind to start imagining. Your brain works precisely to envision vivid colors, striking places, people, and a lot more. Often you end up representing your emotions via your art.

Sharpen fine motor skills

From backgrounds to fine details, painting improves hand-eye coordination and boosts motor skills.

Optimistic Emotions

Well, no one loves to emboss their negativity in their creativity. Creating artwork with the correct combination of colors and with a perfect blend of creativity, it just enhances the positive emotions.

Self confidence

Just as knowing hard work yields better results, finishing a painting that you are happy with feels great and gives you a boost in self-esteem.

Critical thinking skills

Choosing which brush to use or which paints to mix to create the exact color you need makes you a more decisive person.

Paint yourself happy at BoardRoom46, book a class or a private party!


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