The Work Family

If you work at least 40 hours a week, chances are, you spend more time with your colleagues than your friends and family each week. So it’s worth creating good work relationships.

Celebrate your work family with a private party at BoardRoom46.

It’s easy…………………..we do all the work. That’s right, all you do is show up and have fun!

We do all the planning.

We do all the set up.

We do all the clean up.

How amazing is that?

How does a private party work?

There is a $100 refundable deposit to secure the date. Then an event is made on our website when your guests can book a spot and choose their sign. NO, you don’t all half to paint the same thing. If your private party has 10 or more people booked, you will get the $100 refunded to you the day of the party.  Then you show up and have a great time! It really is that easy.

Can you bring snacks?

YES, we love snacks (as long as you share with us)! They just need to be light finger food, you hand will be busy painting.




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