How do they work?

First, stop in the store or call us. We decide on a date and time for your party. Then, a $100 refundable deposit ($75 for Children’s Parties) is collected to hold the date and make an event on our website. We can take the deposit payment over the phone. Your guests can register on our website and each choose their sign.

No, you don’t half to ALL paint the same sign!

Last, all you do is show up and be ready for FUN! When you arrive, your private party will all be set up with the boards, stencils and all the supplies you need to create a one of a kind sign. There is no work for you to do, how great is THAT?

Who’s having Private Parties?


Birthday Parties, Bus Tours, Reunions, Baby Showers, Bachelorette Parties, Company Parties, Company Meetings, Corporate Events, Team Building, Group Outings, Holiday Parties, Group Outings.

What happens in a Private Party?

You paint, snack and have fun!

As previously mentioned, when you arrive everything is ready. Your trained instructor is ready to teach you how to create a unique sign and assist with color choices. Each Private Party is normally around 2 hours. We can host 30 painters in one workshop.

What can you paint?

Normally signs and everyone chooses their own when they register. We have so many designs, it’s hard to pick just one. Sorry about that. lol

However, we can offer exclusive workshops for Private Parties as.  If everyone in the workshop would like to do clocks or a tall porch, we can make that happen for you. But due to size issues, we can’t mix and match with clocks and signs.

Can you bring in food & drinks?

Yes, finger foods can be brought in. Pizza, cheese & crackers, fruit, cupcakes, ect.

Drinks are provided at no cost – we offer soda, water and adult beverages if everyone in the group is 21 and over.

What if you don’t want to paint for you Private Party?

That’s fine too! You can rent our spacious ballroom for a baby shower, wedding shower or a meeting.

What happens after the Private Party?

Your deposit will be returned, providing you had 10 or more people at your event. We take some photos and then you go home. We do all the rest! We clean up!! How easy is that?!?


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