Join us Friday evening on March 8th from 6-9 pm
An exclusive NEW showing of Mary Lee’s excellent photography of our community.
New prints, gifts items, collectibles and more from new photo’s and classic images we all love!

See Mary Lee’s photos in a way you have NEVER seen them before.

Shop Local, support a local artist AND show off the beauty of our community!

Mary Lee Marchi started Gallipolis Pictures as a Facebook group. She has just shy of 13,000 subscribers and displays photography of southeast Ohio landscapes and landmarks. According to Marchi, it is not uncommon for her to see hundreds of likes in a week. She has even had correspondence with residents in Greece expressing interest in her work and asking where Gallia County is located in relation with the rest of the world.

Despite taking photos daily and trying to put two pictures on her Facebook page each week, she says she enjoys the editing of photographs more than the actual taking of them. She says she has digitally edited things like power lines out of her photos and will often play with the color of a photograph to emphasize the shade of a particular scene. Fog displays are one of her favorite images to capture.

Show will be held at BoardRoom 46 300 Second Avenue Gallipolis. Items will be available for purchase that evening and orders will be taken as well.  Admission is free. Light refreshments will be served.


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