What says summer time like a local county fair? ?
To me and my friends it was the highlight of the summer!☀☀☀☀
Ohhh, the memories ~ The food? ~The fun? ~ The friends? ~The heat? ~The music?
BoardRoom46 supports our local youth and all the hard work they put into their projects. We started offering “Thank You” for those    4-H’ers who were taking Market Animals. After an overwhelming response to our first 4-H workshop, we scheduled 4 more!?
Seriously, I don’t know who has more fun at these workshops…..us or those kids! We play music, talk 4-H, and try to make them understand this is a great time in their lives!
These boys and girls get right down to work and get busy. In no time they have created a one-of-a-kind sign and they are PROUD of it! This time the proof isn’t in the pudding, but in their smiles.
This support for our local 4-H will be built on for next year, stay tuned!
Best of luck to our local youth at the Fair! ?

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