Willie Nelson sang……….

??”On the road again
I just can’t wait to get on the road again”??

BoardRoom46 feels the same as Willie and we *LOVE* to hit the road with our workshops.

We packed up the wood, paints and stencils and hit the road. We headed to Guardian Angels Daycare in Gallipolis, Ohio for our workshop. I’m not sure who had more fun…………the kids or us!!!!

Smiles and excitement filled the room as the boys and girls entered. They made their color choices and quickly got to work on their backgrounds. They don’t tend to over-think such things as color choice like we adults do. They know what they like *AND* what they don’t ?

Next came the stencils and giggles, then the final revile of their art creations! They know how to #PaintLikeaBoss  The children ? their activity for that day!

BoardRoom46 brings the happiness to your place!





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