Good bye Court Street ~ Hello Second Ave

No one likes to move, right? (If you do, please seek medical attention)

It was literally blood, sweat & tears or at least it was in our case. lol But these are the growing pains that happens with a small business. Itโ€™s also a good problem to have and we are very thankful.

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Weโ€™ve expanded our space to better serve our customers. Weโ€™ve added new items and sections. We want to be the place you go to get a gift in Gallipolis. We even added a card line so you can one stop shop!

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Come and see our new space at 300 Second Avenue, Gallipolis (Next to Courtside) in Friday for a $5 Make it & Make it. Then stick around for the live music we are sharing with our new neighbors The Potted Edge & Lucky Cat.

ยฉ2019 Boardroom46


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